Single Molecule Biophysics Lab

The Single Molecule Biophysics Laboratory is part of the biophysics group at Clemson University at the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The group is lead by PI. Hugo Sanabria, whose research focuses is the study of the structure, dynamics and function of biomolecules using state of the art fluorescence spectroscopic tools. 


Our goal is to understand how biomolecules interact, store and transfer information. What are the principles underlying biomolecular structure-dynamics and how they relate to their function. 

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Toolbox

TTo determine structure and dynamics of biomolecules we use a set of Fluorescence Spectroscopic tools such as Multiparameter Fluorescence Detection (MFD), Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting (TCSPC) at ensemble and single molecule conditions, fluctuation analysis (FRET-FCS, fFCS) and FRET-restrained positioning and screening (FPS). 

Single Molecule Biophysics Lab

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